What Do Americans Really Believe In?

While stumbling through the internet, I discovered a blog from last year that breaks down a public opinion poll about what issues are important to Americans.  This survey asked some typical questions and got typical results.  However, the positions that people hold don’t really seem to align with the party they plan to vote for.  As the jobsanger blog says:

People in general do consider the deficit to be a serious problem. In fact 51% would like to see cuts in spending and say they are considering voting Republican in November because of this. But when the poll is broken down into separate issues it becomes clear that these people don’t actually support Republican initiatives — just the Republican idea that cuts must be made.

The blog post continues to break down the responses of a very bipartisan group and found that most people agree with positions currently defended by the democratic party.  This is in contrast to the current political divisions projected by the media.  I encourage you to read the whole posting at jobsanger.  What do you think about these results?

You can download the research poll here.

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1 Response to What Do Americans Really Believe In?

  1. I can see the truth in this post. While many people know what the right thing to do is, they are hesitant to push for it, because they know it will hurt them personally.
    Our nation has spent the last 50 years turning away from God, toward humanism. Now we are on the brink of Pay Day.

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