Solar Is The New Coal

Recent reports are predicting that solar power will become as affordable as coal (the cheapest form of electricity in the US and in most the world) as early as 2013.  This is great news but, I can’t help but recall the repeated claims by certain politicians that solar power is not a viable option and that we must blow up more mountain tops, drill for more oil and natural gas, and continue to offer corporate welfare to archaic energy companies.  Nonetheless, this news has come from a reputable financial analysis company: Bloomberg (read their article here).  If you’d like a more visual representation of this then check out the Fast Company article on it here.  So, if coal power, which puts large quantities of soot into the air, causes the destruction of the landscape, and causes untold deaths and health problems, does it then mean that the politicians who were wrong will now start advocating the technology that supports the corporate bottom line?  No matter what, this should pretty much settle any calls for new nuclear power plants in the US.  After all, the dangers of nuclear continue to be demonstrated in Japan, not to mention the fact that nuclear power is relatively expensive and generally requires a lot of taxpayer money for implementation. So, we don’t need nuclear, we don’t need new hydroelectric installations, we don’t need “clean coal.”  The sun has been a fixture of human culture for millenia.  With these market developments, society can finally return to its roots.

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