Women Drivers

Saudi women fight for the right to drive

If you didn’t know, Saudi Arabia is the only majority Muslim country that does not allow women to drive.  There is no law restricting this, rather it is a social custom that has been upheld by Saudi authorities.  A group of women moved to protest this unsupported prohibition by using the internet to organize a day of women driving.

Most of the work to make this happen was done over Twitter, while videos and comments from participants appeared on youTube, Twitter, and Facebook.  It is quite pleasing to see another group of oppressed people in the Middle East using the internet to oppose tyrants and to demand liberty.  Saudi Arabia has been eager to prevent the Arab Spring from spreading to the Kingdom and has even been involved in supporting the suppression in Bahrain and Yemen.  Despite their efforts, these brave women have come together in a new way to demand equality for women in one of the strictest of Muslim societies.  We should all support their efforts.

For more information about this effort, check out this Christian Science Monitor article or watch one of their videos.

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