How To Change Things?

Listening to the news today I heard another discussion on the shortcomings of the primary and secondary education systems of the United States.  If you do not know, our education system varies greatly from the greatest ones on the planet in that our schools seek to educate everybody to the same base standard rather than providing educational avenues for students to move into based on their aptitudes and abilities.  Everybody points out what is wrong with schools.  They may even offer suggestions on how to address problems.  In the end, legislation like no child left behind or other contemporary proposals only seek to modify the existing system.  This has only degraded things further.  Children are no longer held back.  Schools continue to attempt to meet minimum education goals.  What we need is a complete restructuring.  The whole system must be scrapped.  A stated emphasis on student education must be demanded rather than on teacher welfare.  It is not only education that requires such a reboot.  Health systems need it.  Federal agencies need it.  Prisons need it.  Current attempts by the republicans to constrict funding to federal agencies does not accomplish these goals.  Government jobs rarely go away.  Instead, quality of service is lost in these budget cuts.  The whole system must be redesigned.  No job can be viewed as sacred.  Redundancy must be eliminated and obsolete systems but be terminated.  Quality of services must be emphasized over the quality of employment compensation.

Yet here I am making suggestions without offering a solution.  How do we accomplish this change?  Can we vote for it? No.  Can elected officials make it a reality? No.  Can it be accomplished through a popular uprising? Not likely.  So what do we do?

Though I do not offer this suggestion as my personal solution, consider the following short essay.  It was written by C.J. Dunlap JR and is titled The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012. It details a hypothetical future event in the United States.  It is not long.  Furthermore, it does not detail changes similar to what I’ve asked for.  Nonetheless, I view a coup as a primary means for circumventing the political system of this country and getting to a point where change can actually happen.  Other ways to do this? Rig elections on a national scale, or actually establish a supermajority in Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court, as well as majorities in a sufficient number of states to pass constitutional change.  None of these are particularly practical, but something must be done.

If you are interested in the paper I mentioned above, then check out this article as well.  If you have a better suggestion for how to change things, please post it here.  Don’t offer more problems that need to be fixed, only solutions.

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