We Are Not Their Lapdog

A few weeks ago, the US news media was consumed with coverage of one event.  It did not pertain to Yemen or Syria, Bahrain or Jordan.  Rather the US media, and indeed many international venues, focused on the the national conference of AIPAC: the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee.  This is a group dedicated to promoting “US-Israeli relations,” that is to say, Israeli interests.  On AIPAC’s website, they boast of having the support of 328 House members and 76 Senators.  That is more support than any group of US citizens can claim in the federal government!  Furthermore, they claim to be behind the passage of dozens of pieces of legislation, promoting our shared interests of course.  However, the interests of Israel are not universally the interests of the United States.  Due to special interest groups like AIPAC, the US sends billions in foreign aid and military technology to Israel each year (we also send these weapons and aide to their adversaries as well).  All this is done because of the belief that Israel is the only country in the middle east we can rely on.  Just how similar are we?  According to AIPAC, we are more similar than anybody could even realize.

AIPAC provides a cursory description of Jewish history that lays a claim to the current state of Israel without making reference to the bible or torah.  They then offer that, “Israel has served as a refuge for Jews the world over, a country built on the principles of freedom and democracy.”  Furthermore, they assert that Israel has become a defender of minority rights and an open door to immigrants.  Just who do these claims apply to?  Certainly anybody who can show Jewish ancestry, but what about the people who lived in Palestine before 1948?  Does Israel offer refuge to the refugees who live in camps just outside their borders?  Do they defend the rights of Muslims or those who demand that their homes and land are returned?  No, but that would not accommodate the interests of the state of Israel, and consequently, it does not fit in with the interests of the United States, since our interests are so intertwined.

Rather than dragging on with an exploration of this illegitimate relationship, lets look at the root cause for the relationship between the US and Israel: Christianity.  Why do so many US politicians feel a necessity to align themselves with an organization like AIPAC?  Why do so many proclaim that the Israelis have a valid claim to the land of Palestine?  In short, their reason is the Bible.  The book of Genesis provides the root claim the Israelis hold over the land they now control.  This basis is sufficient for the Israelis but the Christians of the US take it another step further.  According to the book of Revelations, the state of Israel has to rise again in order for end time prophecies to come to pass.  This notion is the reason so many US politicians feel inclined to support AIPAC and Israel.  Israeli affairs have nothing to do with the US and our trade with them is practically insignificant when compared to other global partners.  In fact, organizations like AIPAC are positioned to allow the Israelis to exploit the US in order to promote their own interests.  We pay for their security.  While the people of the US go without health care, each Israeli has all the health coverage they could ever need.  Why?  Because the US pays for it.  We are their lapdog and the leash of Christianity ensures we cannot escape their stranglehold.

Look at it this way: if Israel was still a Muslim nation, would the US be concerned with them at all?  They have no oil, they control no important waterway, they have no significant industry other than tourism.  They are a tiny inconsequential nation.  However, as long as they represent the fulfillment of biblical prophecy, they must be defended; we must hasten the end of this world.

Prior to the end of World War II, Jews were returning to the state of Palestine.  They lived in peace with the Palestinian Muslims and Christians who lived there.  A multicultural nation was taking foot, a nation which would have been an example to its neighbors.  Many people supported this movement.  For example, in 1946, Jews made up nearly 33% of the population of Palestine, Muslims made up 58%.  After 1948, Muslims were less than ten percent of the total population, shedding 90% of the Palestinian population.  A group of people who largely ended up in the refugee camps of today.  Prior to the creation of Israel, a peaceful nation existed.  Jews lived throughout the middle east in peace.  However, a political attempt to realize biblical prophecy destroyed a region and changed the world forever.

History cannot be changed, however the American people do not have to support organizations like AIPAC which strive to maintain a status quo that does not benefit our nation.  Since 1948 the state of Israel has practiced apartheid rivaled only by South Africa.  This is not the sort of ally who represents the ambitions and image of the United States.  Or is it?



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3 Responses to We Are Not Their Lapdog

  1. Plenty of people around the US are aware of the hypocrisy of the US-Israel relationship. To learn more check out this.

  2. Jesse A. says:

    I think it would be more correct to attribute responsibility for America’s “entangling alliance” to the Zionist movement, which conveniently started about that time, and American apathy. I am still shocked about how it seems that the Israeli state is almost repeating Hitler’s history. Yet of course, these facts are rarely broadcasted in major news outlets, who are largely influenced by people who are also coincidentally Zionists. Hopefully, though, this movement is dying down. A recent poll even indicates that most Jewish people living in the U.S. are less supportive of Israel than the average U.S. citizen.

    • Jesse, you are right, the absolute blindness and lack of involvement on the part of the American people has silently supported the current relationship between US and Israeli politicians. You are also right to point out that many Americans do not agree with the policies of Israel. Nonetheless, many people accept or condone the actions of Israel against the Palestinians based on Christian prophesy and end of world predictions.
      Should genuine democracy take hold in the Arab world in the coming years, Israel’s hypocritical position will become less tenable, but its resistance to calls for peace and accountability will seem all the more justified by the extremist Christian base. Since there is a perception that so many Americans are Christian, supporting the actions of Israel will continue to be good politics for those hoping to win elections.

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