Ideas That Support The Urban Reclamation Idea

If you haven’t heard of Urban Reclamation, then you should read this interview that I presented here.  Urban Reclamation is a company that demolishes and reclaims suburban and urban wastelands, reinstating native flora and fauna, and concentrating human populations in vertical construction rather than destructive, wasteful sprawl.  So today on Fast Company, Ariel Schwartz reviews the efforts of Sustainable Living Innovations to create a prefab highrise.  I’m pointing out this technology because it would be perfect for the Urban Reclamation process and idea.

Though there are hundreds of ideas and techniques that could make Urban Reclamation a reality, there is no place to collect them all.  So please, if you know of a website or idea, add a link to it in a comment on this blog and hopefully a coherent collection of technologies will come together to begin working for Urban Reclamation.

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2 Responses to Ideas That Support The Urban Reclamation Idea

  1. Jose says:

    A good example of the Urban Reclamation idea in action is the El Toro Marines Base transformation. Check it out at

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